About Us

Knockout Gummies is a USA-hemp-derived, CBD gummy manufacturer based in Colorado since 2018. 

We began as a nutraceutical gummy manufacturer supplying premium products for other brands. This lead us to meet the demand for premium hemp for our customers who were supplying products for elite medical facilities and related research. 

The demand was high.

After custom formulating 17 formulations exclusively for an aging community, followed by 6 months of their extensive studies using the products resulting in substantial health improvements of their residents, we knew that we were on the right path. 

We continued to push the formulations for continued improvement, and finally arrived at the best formulas for maximum results. 

After serving the CBD community as a trusted wholesale manufacturer, we developed our own brand that's focused on making premium CBD products more accessible to more people.

We believe that CBD truly can improve the life of our customers and look forward to hearing your own results. 

Are you a brand looking for your own wholesale products? 
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